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Billionaire Teddy Sagi Invests in Ukrainian Blockchain Startup Distributed Lab

Billionaire and owner of London’s Camden Market Teddy Sagi has invested in Ukrainian blockchain startup Distributed Lab, CEO Vladimir Dubinin has confirmed.

Zero Confirmation: Fees Increase in Bitcoin Network

In recent months many bitcoin users have been complaining about their transaction taking hours to get confirmed. Indeed, this happens quite often, and some users think that increasing a transaction fee could save the day. But is this really a remedy?

The Man Behind Ukraine’s Top Blockchain Project Shares His Vision of the Country’s Future

Ukraine’s blockchain community is active these days: the country hosts several major conferences on the subject; several high-flying blockchain projects kick off; a full-fledged university course on dApp development is now underway. Adding to that, local authorities are mostly positive about cryptotechnologies.

Ukrainian Banker to Launch an Open Source Blockchain Platform for Banking

Sergey Fedotov, a Ukrainian banker with over 20 years of experience, has announced the launch of a banking platform for issuance of e-money that will be completely based on blockchain technology. The platform is said to become a full-fledged alternative to systems like Visa and MasterCard, and will provide banks with all functions necessary to […]

Distributed Lab Co-founder Pavel Kravchenko Says Blockchain Hype Is Cooling Down

Distributed Lab’s co-founder, Dr. Pavel Kravchenko says that the interest for blockchain technology is gradually fading, and we may expect mass extinction of blockchain startups any moment now.

One More Ukrainian City Starts Using Blockchain Platform Auction 3.0

August 5, Ukrainian city Bila Tserkva (meaning White Church) held an auction on leasing local public property, which featured usage of blockchain-based online platform Auction 3.0.

Ukrainian Government To Use the Blockchain Auction For Selling Its Assets

The news was announced during the online conference with Alexander Danilyuk, Minister of Finance of Ukraine, at “Blockchain Incredible Party” (aka BIP001) event that took place in Odessa.

Lightning Network Team to Hold a Meetup in Kyiv

On May 12, Kyiv will host a meetup featuring Lightning Network’s team, which will visit Ukraine’s capital at full strength. Joseph Poon, Elisabeth Stark and Thaddeus Dryja will speak about how Lightning Network operates, what changes have been made to bitcoin’s core, what are other changes to be expected, and how it all may change […]

Distrubuted Lab Shared Details Of Their Work On Ukrainian Blockchain Auction

Platform eAuction launched in test mode this February is one of the world’s first serious blockchain projects in public management domain. Prior to eAuction’s release, e-gov and blockchain were mostly associated with projects like Bitnation and various notarization tools.