Cryptocurrency Development Activity Paints Positive Picture for Bitcoin and Ethereum – Report

A recently released report on developer activity around cryptocurrency projects reveals interesting patterns about crypto networks’ environments.

Emercoin CTO: Blockchain Is More Important than Exchange Gambling

Emercoin team isn’t dying to persuade exchanges to add EMC, preferring to focus on developing the technological side of the project and implementing Emer-based services in everyday life instead.

How to Make a Socket Selling Power and Internet Access for Ether

Earlier ForkLog wrote about Valery Litvin, a Belarusian blockchain developer from the Cyber.Fund team, and the smart socket selling power and Wi-Fi access for Ether he had created. The device has been presented and successfully tested at the recent Blockchain Conference Kyiv.

Crypti: The Basics of JS Decentralized Apps’ Development

Second generation crypto-platforms keeps drawing user attention. Even though the hullabaloo around NXT has slightly reduced in the course of time, the community still produces new projects and platforms for development of decentralized apps.

How to Create a Cryptocurrency, and Who the Hell Needs It

Having known about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies some may think: why not creating mny own fork? Bitcoin community is abundant with experimentation fans, so ForkLog decided to cover the issue in details.

Russian Developers Create a Platform for Management of Decentralized Autonomous Companies

Bitfork Develop developers have presented their new Ethereum-based project dubbed AIRA DAO. AIRA manages a decentralized autonomous company by adding agents, creating contracts and values, and, generally, automatizing business processes of a company.