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Lending Tops Crypto-Industry by ROI: What Can Go Wrong?

Lending is named the most profitable sector of the crypto-industry by return on investment. The niche keeps attracting capital and is expected to grow further in 2020. Akin to DeFi in general, the niche holds a lot of promise, but there is the other side to consider.

Digix Co-founder Shaun Djie: Having DigixDAO Continue to Exist Would Be Good But It’s No Longer Possible

Digix, the project behind the first gold-backed stablecoin, stood at the inception of the modern asset-backed token model. Being one of the older and most successful projects within the Ethereum ecosystem, it was also one of the precious few that managed to build and maintain a robust DAO infrastructure. Which is, as of recently, a […]

DeFi Passed $1B Total Value Locked: Grain of Salt

According to DeFi Pulse, last week, the total dollar worth of funds locked in Ethereum-powered DeFi projects passed the $1 billion mark. Currently, the Total Value Locked metric is $1.04 billion.

Crypto-Exchange Founder: More Institutional Players Will Come to the Industry But Not Overnight

Some people in the crypto-community expect mass adoption to come with big players from traditional markets. Some see it coming along the growing set of real use cases for crypto, certain regulatory initiatives, or particularly ambitious projects.

Why Crypto Is Not Universally Adopted and How to Change It

Let’s face it: crypto adoption has been going down for quite some time. There are fewer and fewer merchants accepting Bitcoin, let alone other cryptocurrencies. This is a bit surprising, given that many issues hampering adoption in the early days have been sorted out: user interfaces got a lot safer and friendlier, major cryptocurrencies are […]