#ForkGoogle: Blockchain-Powered Alternatives to YouTube #ForkGoogle: Blockchain-Powered Alternatives to YouTube

Supporting the #ForkGoogle initiative, we take a look at YouTube competitors among blockchain-based video hosting and streaming services.

Waves Breaks into dApps Market Launching Smart Contracts Functionality

Waves Platform, a decentralized blockchain ecosystem for building Web 3.0 solutions, hits another milestone releasing a major update for the Waves blockchain. Waves Node 1.0 release will bring some powerful and long-awaited new functionality and features to the Waves ecosystem, while activation of RIDE for dApps on mainnet will enable dApps implementation on Waves.

TRON Announces BitTorrent File System Protocol

Blockchain platform Tron, which is behind the decentralized, web focused cryptocurrency TRX, announced plans to develop a BitTorrent-based version of decentralized file system InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

Blockstack Aims To Raise $50 Million Via SEC’s Regulation A+ Framework

Decentralized computing network Blockstack has applied to the U.S. Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) to launch a $50 million token sale which — if approved — would be the industry’s first SEC-qualified offering.

Lisk Raises Around $6 Million in ICO

Cryptoplatform Lisk has announced the completion of initial coin offering having raised 14,009 BTC and in excess of 80 million ICR in four weeks. This amount is roughly equal to $5.9 million at current exchange rate.

The DAO in-depth: Interview with Stephan Tual, Slock.it CTO

The Ethereum company Slock.it prepares to launch a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) as a new type of corporate funding and management. The Germany-based company develops Ethereum-based software for smart locks, dubbed “slocks”, thus connecting shareable items and the Internet of Things to blockchain ecosystem. In an interview to ForkLog (FL) Stephan Tual, Co-founder and CTO […]

Decentralized Startup for Decentralized Apps: Interview with CEO of Lisk

Last Tuesday we reported that two team members of Crypti, a platform for decentralized applications, had left the project to create their own. The new fork of Crypti is called Lisk and also deals with dapps, however, the approach seems to be a bit different. The project is going to be open source from the […]

Crypti: The Basics of JS Decentralized Apps’ Development

Second generation crypto-platforms keeps drawing user attention. Even though the hullabaloo around NXT has slightly reduced in the course of time, the community still produces new projects and platforms for development of decentralized apps.