Steemit to Have a Separate Russian-language Project

The Cyber.Fund team has announced creation of a Russian-language within decentralized social network Steemit. The Golos (“Voice”) project will undergo an ICO. Steemit earlier claimed to have an unprecedented traffic level comparable to that of early Facebook and Reddit, however, the Russian-speaking community seemed to fail to see any advantages in that. Cyber.Fund’s statement notes […]

Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency: A Brief Guide to the Future Part II

Using blockchain technology apart from its original application, cryptocurrency, isn’t news any longer. Numerous projects around the globe come up with new ideas as to how distributed ledger technology may be applicable beyond just transacting values. Even though most experts agree that the novelty is at premature phase as yet, those projects that have already […]

How to Make a Socket Selling Power and Internet Access for Ether

Earlier ForkLog wrote about Valery Litvin, a Belarusian blockchain developer from the Cyber.Fund team, and the smart socket selling power and Wi-Fi access for Ether he had created. The device has been presented and successfully tested at the recent Blockchain Conference Kyiv.

Belarusian Developer Creates a Socket Selling Power for Ethereum

A bitcoin enthusiast and blockchain developer from Belarus has assembled a ‘smart socket’ capable of selling power and WiFi connection for Ethereum tokens. The smart socket’s creator, Valery Litvin, is also one of Cyber.fund developers. He told ForkLog the socket will be officially presented on May 21 at Blockchain Conference Kyiv.

Cryptocurrency Investment 101: Interview with Cyber.fund

Last week Cyber.fund announced a crowdfunding round to attract 42 BTC for the project’s development. In return, the supporting investors will obtain 3% of CFUND tokens. Cyber.fund was founded one year ago, and on November 17, 2015, the organization registered in bitcoin’s blockchain by signing the genesis agreement. ForkLog (FL) talked with the project’s co-founder […]

Cryptoinvestment Platform CyberFund Launches a Crowdfunding Campaign

This week Cyberfund, a platform for crypto-investment management, announced a crowdfunding campaign to sell 3% of their native tokens, CFUND. Successful crowdfunding will allow the team to keep developing the platform by improving existing investment tools and introducing new ones.