Cryptsy Admits Its Insolvency

Following the post in Cryptsy’s blog stating the exchange had been subject to a hack in July 2014, the controversies around the company has gained momentum. Loss of funds would result in inevitable bankruptcy for the company.

Cryptsy Officially Suspends Operations

Apparently, the activity of altcoin exchange Cryptsy has come to its logical and mostly anticipated end. In particular, the exchange’s site shows a message stating: “Until we are able to determine extent of attack, all withdawals and markets are paused.” Technical and reputational issues have haunted Cryptsy for a long time. Their website experienced several […]

Cryptsy Halts Trading Operations and Withdrawals

Digital currency exchange Cryptsy, which has been known for continuing problems with withdrawal of funds, has stated it suspended the exchange’s trade engine on January 5, 2016. Lots of the company’s customers have complained the exchange fails to provide proper withdrawal of their assets, if it provides any. Technical issues seem to be inherent in […]

Cryptsy is in Trouble Again

One of the biggest altcoin exchanges Cryptsy went offline for almost 12 straight hours today. The outage followied multiple reports related to withdrawal problems. First delays in cryptocurrency withdrawal began last week, while on November 22 Cryptsy’s official Twitter announced there were problems with wallets, and that withdrawal / deposit of assets was suspended.