Cryptospace News Digest, June 5 – 12

Bitcoin heading to the Moon, raging bitcoin extortionists, good news from Russia and Ethereum expansion — all main events of the cryptoindustry in the week’s overview. Bitcoin Price For the first time in two years, bitcoin price has surpassed the $600 mark. Last Saturday, bitcoin’s market cap has reached $9 billion, and Sunday the exchange […]

North Korea Claims Bitcoin Was Invented by Kim Il Sung

North Korean authorities have claimed cryptocurrency invention. During Wednesday’s evening broadcast of The Voice of Korea, the country’s foreign broadcasting service, the DPRK authorities claimed that Bitcoin had been invented by Kim Il Sung personally to grant prosperity to the people of Korea. “The greatest and most ingenious Kim Il Sung was not only the […]

Longread: Clash of generations and Cryptotechnologies

Almost everything we usually deem progressive is based on something one might call ?a battle of generations’. It takes roots in ancient, if not mythological, times, when a nice young lad killed his dad and married his mom so impressively they even had to dub a complex in his honor; and several millennia before him, […]

Market Evolution in the Context of Cryptotechnologies

People got used to idea of life forms being some kind of organic systems consisting of material world particles obeying to evolutionary laws. But what is life as it is?

Cryptotechnology Beyond Prohibition: An Interview with Bitruble Project Managers

Earlier this September, Russias largest payment processor QIWI has announced its plans to launch its proprietary cryptocurrency dubbed bitruble.

Crypto Future for Business Development

Professional communities discuss ways to implement decentralized technologies apart from finances. Opportunities and prospects of technologies underlying Bitcoin are still beyond fulfillment. One of the most promising ways of using the technology is implementing it within business processes of an enterprise both to optimize accounting, and assess efficiency of work and rewarding employees.