Singapore Startup Starbase to Launch Ethereum-Based Crowdfunding Platform

July 2016, Waves exploded the internet by raising 29,445 BTC in an ICO. However, Waves isn’t the only decentralized crowdfunding platform: there are lots of them, including Fundonomy, NXT, and Wings. Most of them operate globally, however, there are some exceptions like Starbase, a Singapore-based platform with Japanese roots, which is to launch its ICO on […]

The Present and the Future of Crowdfunding Regulation

News on yet another promising project raising funds or breaking another crowdfunding record strike the cryptocommunity more and more often. Still, the question remains whether the fundraising itself can guarantee a project’s success, and whether the team behind the project is liable to repay the investors if the whole affair fails?

Waves Platform Tokens Pre-Sale Launches Today

Blockchain platform Waves launches its ICO (Initial Coin Offering) at 12 a.m. GMT today. The project’s team intends to create a decentralized version of Kickstarter to successfully compete with existing crowdfunding projects. The team stresses that Waves is not yet another cryptocurrency, but a blockchain system with strictly defined functionality.

Blockchain Platform Waves to Create Kickstarter’s Killer

Creators of decentralized blockchain platform Waves intend to make blockchain-based crowdfunding a mass phenomenon. According to the project’s team, existing blockchain-based crowdfunding solutions still have inappropriately high entry threshold, as they require knowledge of cryptocurrencies, comprehension of their functioning, and lots of others specific aspects of the industry.

Cryptoinvestment Platform CyberFund Launches a Crowdfunding Campaign

This week Cyberfund, a platform for crypto-investment management, announced a crowdfunding campaign to sell 3% of their native tokens, CFUND. Successful crowdfunding will allow the team to keep developing the platform by improving existing investment tools and introducing new ones.

How to Launch Your Own Crowdfunding Campaign with NXT

NXT platform (nxt.org) is a decentralized second generation cryptocurrency started in 2013. It has an integrated crowdfunding token and trading platform which is called NXT Asset Exchange ( stats site:nxtreporting.com) where any entrepreneur can start his or her crowdfunding campaign and successfully manage it.

Crowdfunding on Decentralized Platforms

Bitcoin is in the process of disrupting many industries – payments, money remittance, data storage, and many others.

Roskomnadzor Blocks RosKomSvoboda’s Site; Crowdfunding Announced

Special Read in Russian Following yesterday’s blocking of Bitnovosti, Roskomnadzor continues industriously censoring the internet. Today it was announced that public association RosKomSvoboda’s (acronym standing for Russian Committee for Freedom) website was blocked under the order of Anapa town court.

Bitcoin sites blockage: crowdfunding camaign announced

Special Read in Russian Bits.media provided more information on the site’s blockage by Roskomnadzor back in January. In particular, relevant documents are displayed, and a donation campaign is announced to collect money for lawyers.