Ukraine’s State Agency for E-Governance: Blockchain Will End Corruption

April 13, Ukraine’s state agency for e-governance and BitFury have signed a historic memorandum of cooperation. A few days later, the country’s Ministry of Justice announced it was ready to deploy blockchain technology within SETAM, the system for escheat sales, and the ministry’s basic ledgers.

Humankind Evolution: Liberté, Égalité, Chaîne de blocs

These days, blockchain ceased being a mere computer technology with limited scope of applications, but a sort of a philosophic concept applicable anywhere in human society. In particular, it may be successfully implemented in state building and reformation of both governance systems and the society in general.

Blockchain and Civil Rights

One of the problems inherent in modern-day social and financial system is the degree of their transparency. The very wording seems inappropriate, as you would hardly ever see something this opaque unless you look under someone’s eyelids on the morning of January 1st.

BitFury to Eliminate Corruption With Blockchain Technology

Full service blockchain technology company The Bitfury Group has joined forces with the non-governmental organization the National Democratic Institute to form the Blockchain Trust Accelerator Initiative.

Longread: Corruption and Blockchain

The idea that corruption is not really good comes from the very word, which derives from Latin for “spoilage”. That is how they called it in the ancient Rome, where it became comparable to the contemporary corruption in terms of scale by Caesar’s times. In order to give the phenomenon a name, the rhetoricians used […]