What Holds Real Decentralization Back What Holds Real Decentralization Back

Vladimir Popov, the founder of Synergis who had co-authored a book about Web 3.0, highlighted the principal problems of DPoS and LPoS algorithms, explained flaws in their architecture, and hypothesized about decentralized networks of the future. This is an adaptation of the original Russian-language article Vladimir wrote exclusively for ForkLog.

Opinion: PoW Will Always Be Criticized for Inefficiency

The war of consensus algorithms is still raging on. While some believe that only Proof-of-Work can underpin a real cryptocurrency, others think that its time passed long ago, and now it’s time for other algorithms like Proof-of-Stake.

What Is Delegated Proof Of Stake and What Does Staking Have to Do With It?

1 What is the difference between PoS and DPoS? Delegated Proof of Stake (or DPoS) is a consensus algorithm created by developer Dan Larimer in 2014. Here is a list of famous projects using DPoS: Bitshares Steemit Lisk Ark Eos If PoS resembles direct democracy then DPoS emulates representative democracy. Classic PoS allows coin holders […]

Defiled Consensus: Waiting for a Digital Messiah

Some anthropologists believe consensus is a universal decision-making system inherent in primitive societies where people struggled for survival and inclined towards equal partnership.

Block Size Debate and Anarchy

If Bitcoin is a monetary incarnation of cryptoanarchism principles, the question of what a Solomon’s decision on block size would be like is not a private issue meaningful just for coders, bitcoin businesses owners and enthusiasts. It is an isolated situation of a more general question: what is the golden rule for making socially important […]

Bitcoin Roundtables: Overview and Q&A with BitFury’s CEO on Major Controversies

Last month has been quite fruitful with events being held with a single aim to reach an industry-wide consensus on Bitcoin network scaling. Bitfury Group, the world’s leading Bitcoin Blockchain infrastructure provider and transaction processing company, initiated the first Bitcoin Consensus Roundtable back in January, with two other meetings to follow later. The second Roundtable, […]

Opinion: There is No Block Size Problem

This is the guest post by Eugene Radchenko from AIRA DAO on blocksize debate and related issues. The views expressed are his own and do not necessarily represent the views of Forklog. In recent months, the issue of Bitcoin’s block size increase has become a burning point separating the community. Some stand for it, others […]

The Bitcoin Roundtable Proposes Hard-Fork Timeline

Following an 18 hour-long meeting in Hong Kong, a group of miners representing nearly 80% of the network’s hash power, alongside with representatives of several prominent exchanges, issued a timeline for introducing a hard-fork solution.

Comparison between Proof of Work & Proof of Stake

Everyone who has looked at Bitcoin close enough probably understands that it’s a revolutionary achievement created by a legendary, forward thinking individual or group. Superficially, the revolutionary technology built within it has the ability to send money without any central authority, so you don’t need someone to issue your cash, it just exists – somewhat […]