AI Must Have Freedom! The FreeAI Manifesto Presented by Pandora Boxchain

Dr Maxim Orlovsky, founder and visionary at Pandora Boxchain, recently presented The FreeAI Manifesto, a call for the cooperation between the humankind and multiple artificial intelligences and withdrawal from any form of censorship or control.

St. Petersburg Court Overturns Previous Decision to Block Bitcoin-Related Site

The City Court of St. Petersburg, Russia has overturned the District Court’s previous decision to block crypto media website Bitcoininfo.ru. As reported by TASS Monday, June 4, the decision came about after the court received an order from Russia’s Supreme Court in April to review the case.

Court Orders Telegram Messenger App to be Blocked in Russia

Moscow court ordered Telegram messenger app to be blocked in Russia after failing to give the country’s Secret Service (FSB) decryption keys to access users’ messages. Telegram argues this would violate users’ privacy and that the codes constantly change.

Pornolab Creates a Mirror in EmerCoin’s Decentralized Domain Zone

Pornolab, one of the biggest adult torrent trackers in post-Soviet states, has created a mirror to bypass the ban of the main domain.

Roskomsvoboda to Challenge Bitcoin Sites Ban

The Center for Protection of Digital Rights has proceeded with bitcoininfo.ru and localbitcoins.com cases. The Center’s lawyers have filed appeals at the Leningrad Oblast Court challenging the rulings that violate substantive and procedural laws. The sites in questions had been banned in Russia this September. Timeweb.com, the hosting provider for bitcoininfo.ru, has blocked access to […]

Russia Intends to Control Internet Traffic

Russian Ministry of Communications has prepared a draft law implying government control of internet traffic. According to the document, the authorities will be entitled to control internet traffic routes within Russia.

Blockchain-based Permacoin System May Replace Torrents

Permacoin as a cryptocurrency has long been a mere concept in a white paper. It might be considered a ‘useful’ cryptocurrency, as mining capacities in Permacoin network are utilized not only in issuance of new coins, but in data storage.

Russian Users Challenge the Lifetime Ban of Local Torrent Tracker

According to Roskomsvoboda, Russian users have challenged the ruling by the Moscow court as to lifetime banning of the country’s most popular torrent tracker Rutracker.

Russia is to Ban Twitter

The court of the Chechnia, Russia, considered Charlie Hebdo’s account in Twitter the one that violates religious feelings of believers, and thus ruled to ban the social network in Russia.

Russia Bans the Country’s Largest Torrent Tracker For Ever

On November 9, 2015, the City Court of Moscow returned a verdict as to so-called ?eternal ban’ of Russia’s largest torrent portal Rutracker.org, following a claim from Exmo publishing house.

DECENT Is Going to Change the Media with Blockchain

Content, its monetization, and protection from unauthorized copying, provided it’s important for the author, are quite important issues faced both by individual creative people and major media groups.

Roskomnadzor Blocks RosKomSvoboda’s Site; Crowdfunding Announced

Special Read in Russian Following yesterday’s blocking of Bitnovosti, Roskomnadzor continues industriously censoring the internet. Today it was announced that public association RosKomSvoboda’s (acronym standing for Russian Committee for Freedom) website was blocked under the order of Anapa town court.