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Dmitry Bondar: If There Is Time to Be Afraid of CBDCs, It Is Better to Spend It on Preparation

The beginning of 2020 had a lot for central bank digital currencies. China is seemingly ready to test its own digital cash system, while Western countries are getting on with their research and considerations about CBDCs. 

What to Expect From Blockchain Industry in 2020: A Researchers’ Take

For many crypto investors and rookie traders, 2019 was a year of much despair and uncertainty. The year started with a sharp drop in Bitcoin’s price, followed by a lengthy period of stagnation. The ICO fever, the once sacred cow of crypto, has all but died down. Several new blockchain projects popped up but ultimately […]

World Governments Want to Digitize Your Cash (But Not Right Now)

People around the crypto space like to talk about the old days. I mean, really old, when people were exchanging pretty shells instead of money. And look at us now: Bitcoins, wire transfers, futures contracts for stuff you’ll never get, and other sorts of financial speculation for rich and poor to enjoy.