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World Governments Want to Digitize Your Cash (But Not Right Now)

People around the crypto space like to talk about the old days. I mean, really old, when people were exchanging pretty shells instead of money. And look at us now: Bitcoins, wire transfers, futures contracts for stuff you’ll never get, and other sorts of financial speculation for rich and poor to enjoy.

Ukraine to Launch Blockchain-based National Currency

Ukraine’s National Bank (NBU) concedes using blockchain technology to issue electronic version of the country’s national currency hryvnia. Electronic hryvnia may be issued as part of the National Bank’s project Cashless Economy.

Attic Lab CEO: Blockchain’s Only Chance Is In Conquering The Masses

As ForkLog reported earlier, a group of crypto-enthusiasts from Ukraine is attempting to launch a blockchain platform designed for banking that could become a fully-fledged alternative to Visa and MasterCard, and provide financial institutions with full functionality to run their operations.

Cashless Ukraine: The National Bank Considers Blockchain Technology

Recent statements from the National Bank of Ukraine signify the regulator’s intent to use blockchain technology in their Cashless Economy project.