Brave Browser Creators Call Google Out For GDRP Violation Brave Browser Creators Call Google Out For GDRP Violation

Google is a large and powerful company. Thanks to its diverse list of services and interactions with third-party websites, it collects a lot of data. Access to large volumes of information about users across the web gives Google considerable advantage in the market. Whether the advantage is fair and the data are treated by the […]

On the Verge of Web 3.0: Next Generation Blockchain-Browsers

Blockchain’s rise to celebrity status is often compared to the dawn of commercial development of the Internet. In the early 90s, new technologies were treated with caution by many and few people truly understood the scope of innovation which humanity will accumulate in the upcoming 20 years. Today almost every company has its own website […]

Brave Browser Launches Bitcoin Micropayments

Recently founded start-up bitcoin-based browser Brave already drew the attention of the media with raising a huge funding from leading venture capital firms and angel investors. The Brave team claims the browser to be more user-friendly in terms of safety, privacy and, the issue they mostly focus on, advertising.