Trustless Banknotes: A Neoclassical Solution for Blocksize Debate

Bitcoin’s blocksize debate is about the technical contradiction between the speed of transactions and the network’s centralization. One of the parties, which we may conventionally dub “entrepreneurs”, is interested in the network’s scaling, while the other party, the so called “idealists”, is resisting further centralization. Each of these parties has its arguments, but is there […]

The Return of the Hearn: Former Core Developer Named the Main Problem of Bitcoin

Former developer of Bitcoin Core, and current employee of R3CEV, Mike Hearn reminded the community he’s still alive having claimed that main problems that the cryptocurrency faces are in fact caused by Blockstream, and its co-founder Gregory Maxwell personally.

Block Size Debate and Anarchy

If Bitcoin is a monetary incarnation of cryptoanarchism principles, the question of what a Solomon’s decision on block size would be like is not a private issue meaningful just for coders, bitcoin businesses owners and enthusiasts. It is an isolated situation of a more general question: what is the golden rule for making socially important […]