E as in Estonia: EU’s Digitalization Spearhead With Debatable Blockchain Capabilities

For an outsider, the stories about the digital age Estonians live in are fascinating. The country is widely considered to harbor the world’s most digitized society, most technology-enabled government, and first-ever blockchain system serving a state government.

Russian Promises: Norilsk Nickel’s Tokenization Platform May Catalyze the Slowly Developing Russian Crypto Legislation

Russian Central Bank has approved the digital platform of Norilsk Nickel for trading tokens backed by commodities. On February 17, the Central Bank confirmed that the platform’s testing was successfully completed. It took place in the regulator’s own “sandbox.”

Inbar Preiss About Women in Blockchain Industry

Ever since the inception of Bitcoin, women have been underrepresented in blockchain and crypto. Our guest for this interview has for a long time been a voice for women in blockchain.

What to Expect From Blockchain Industry in 2020: A Researchers’ Take

For many crypto investors and rookie traders, 2019 was a year of much despair and uncertainty. The year started with a sharp drop in Bitcoin’s price, followed by a lengthy period of stagnation. The ICO fever, the once sacred cow of crypto, has all but died down. Several new blockchain projects popped up but ultimately […]

Bitcoin Core Dev: Full Node Sybil Attack Problem Exists and Has No Perfect Solution

In our recent feature, we discussed the problem of full nodes in the Bitcoin network, and more likely, why running them may be expensive to a user but grants him or her no monetary reward.

No Power Vacuum in Cosmos: What Founder’s Departure Entails

Cosmos, the big one among blockchain interoperability projects, has its founder Jae Kwon leaving to work on another project. Soon after the news about Kwon’s decision hit the news, criticism followed.

Why Bitcoin Full Nodes Remain Unpaid

Full nodes are the backbone of the Bitcoin ecosystem. They verify transactions, but also maintain decentralization and users’ confidentiality. Yet, there is no direct monetary incentive for running a full node, which has its costs and risks. In this feature, we take a look at the existing non-monetary incentives to set up and run a […]

IBM’s Winston Yong: There’s a Lot More Good to Come out of Blockchain Than Just Cryptocurrency

It is important that major mainstream companies adopt blockchain technologies. It forms a use case for others to follow and learn from.

Can Schnorr and Taproot Impact Bitcoin Price? An Expert’s Take

Schnorr and Taproot soft forks are now official and likely to be activated soon. Both are aimed at increasing Bitcoin’s scalability and privacy of users. The numbers of their respective Bitcoin improvement proposals are BIP-340, BIP-341, and BIP-342.

Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation: We Want Ukraine to Join Countries That Develop New Economy

Ukrainian legislators are working on regulations for the crypto-industry. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (the country’s parliament) will hear the tax law amendments that will include the definition of cryptocurrencies. The Ministry of Digital Transformation, which is tasked with the creation of the “state in a smartphone,” is now collaborating with Binance to reach its […]

Russia to Implement Blockchain in State Governance

Gleb Nikitin, the governor of Nizhny Novgorod Oblast in Russia stated that the region’s residents will become the country’s first to test the capabilities of blockchain tech in state governance.

DECENT Announces Founding of New Media & Entertainment-Focused Subsidiary

The Swiss-based international blockchain company, DECENT, has announced this week the launch of a new media and entertainment spin-off company, named DECENT Media Group (DMG). By establishing DMG, DECENT intends to concentrate all of its use cases for the entertainment and media industry into a single entity.