Bitnation Partners with Liberland

Bitnation, decentralized platform for virtual nations and provision of traditional public services to its citizens regardless of their place of residence, has announced its partnership with self-proclaimed micronation Liberland.

BitNation to Launch the World’s First Virtual Constitution on Ethereum Tonight

In 2015, Estonia made the cryptocurrency press headlines when it announced a cooperation between its e-residency platform and blockchain initiative BitNation. While the program is mainly focused on provision of notary services to Estonian e-residents, BitNation’s ambitions go way farther.

Estonia Makes a Blockchain Breakthrough in Cooperation with Bitnation

Bitnation, which calls itself ‘the world’s first Blockchain powered virtual nation’, announced on its site Bitnation.co that as of December 1, 2015 it will launch a program offering notary services to its online residents. The program is supported by the Estonian e-Residency program.