Anonymous Person Donates 38 BTC to Africa’s Water Supply Project

An anonymous donator has sent 38 BTC amounting to $23,000 to charity fund BitGive. The money will be used to maintain operations of The Water Project in Africa.

Users Donate Upwards of $50,000 to BitcoinTalk

Charity crowdfunding project Bithope.org is running a campaign to raise funds for development of BitcoinTalk, the first bitcoin-related forum founded by Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

BitHope Founder: Charity May Improve General Public’s Opinion About Cryptocurrencies

Bulgaria-based platform BitHope.org for bitcoin charity was launched recently, and it has finalized its first successful project already. On March 11, the site has accumulated 0.6 BTC of user donations to buy footwear for orphans. While some may think the amount is pretty small, it’s starting to hit the fan. Bitcoin is doing good things […]