Is $1.1 Billion Transaction in Bitcoin That Big of a Deal?

As it became known, the mysterious party that had transferred 124 946.6 BTC proved to be BitFinex. According to the exchange’s CTO Paolo Ardoino, the transaction was but a part of transferring 150 thousand BTC to the company’s hot wallet.

Eosfinex Opens for Trading, Launches on Mainnet EOS

Bitfinex have today announced the completion of eosfinex, an on-chain trading platform built on EOSio technology. According to the press release shared with ForkLog, eosfinex has been developed with a focus on the combination of decentralization and low latency and to further the abilities of peer-to-peer value exchange, allowing for high volume trading on the […]

Bitfinex Raises $1 Billion Via Private Token Sale

Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has raised staggering $1 billion through a private sale of its native token LEO, the platform’s chief technology officer Paolo Ardoino‏ announced Monday, May 13.

New Evidence Suggests Tether Has the Billions It Claimed – Report

Bank statements reviewed by Bloomberg News suggest fears that the dollar-pegged digital coin, issued by Tether Ltd. (USDT), wasn’t actually backed by billions in real cash, may be unfounded.

Price of Tether USDT Plummets to 18-Month Low as OKEx Adds Four Stable Coins

The price of the Tether stable coin (USDT) pegged to the US dollar has tanked to an 18-month low on Monday, October 15, pushing the premium of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on Bitfinex and a number of other exchanges.

Exclusive: Bitfinex Reveals Who Is Behind the Exchange Insolvency Rumors

Bitfinex, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has once again denied speculations as to its possible bankruptcy, reiterating it is totally solvent.

Could Mt Gox Repeat Be Real, or Why Bitcoin is Trading at Hefty Premium on Bitfinex

The past week or so has been quite remarkable considering significant price differences at various bitcoin exchanges. It is most noticeable in case of Bitfinex, where Bitcoin is still trading at significant premium. At times, the spread reached $110.

Bitfinex Operations Restored

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has announced it restored its operations, and activated depositing and withdrawing funds. All currency pairs are to be available for trading, while depositing and withdrawing is currently available for BTC, ETH, ETC and USD only.

Bitfinex Publishes Reimbursement Plans: 36% Haircut and Outstanding Tokens

August 7, Bitfinex website posted a message stating that the service will be back online soon. In two days’ time, the website will run in a restricted mode, thus enabling the customers to check their accounts.

Between Past and Future: Bitcoin Price Settles around $570

Abrupt plunging of bitcoin price in the wake of a ruthless attack by an equally ruthless hacker who had stolen nearly 120,000 BTC from Bitfinex has surprisingly benefited the cryptocurrency in a way.

Alleged Bitfinex Hacker Announces a Draw of 1,000 BTC

An anonymous Reddit user known by the nickname of rekcahxfb has provided the community an opportunity to win a Bitcoin fortune in a discussion on /r/Bitcoin. 1000 BTC Giveaway! From your friend rekcahxfb from Bitcoin The Jackpot amount comprises 1,000 BTC, which is worth nearly $582,000 at the time of writing. Anyone may participate just […]

Bitfinex Plans to Distribute the Hack Losses between the Customers

Hong Kong-based exchange Bitfinex has stated that the losses incurred due to the recent hack may affect all of its users, including those whose wallets were not hacked in the first place.