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Inbar Preiss About Women in Blockchain Industry

Ever since the inception of Bitcoin, women have been underrepresented in blockchain and crypto. Our guest for this interview has for a long time been a voice for women in blockchain.

Wassim Alsindi: Fiat Money Is an Experiment and Not Very Long-Lived One

Among different kinds of money, only certain ones succeed. Although, it isn’t always the good money that succeeds. This held true for early economic relationships that appeared when barter became insufficient, this holds true for the traditional finance, and this is apparently true for the new kinds of money like cryptocurrencies.

Resurrection of Altcoins Presumed Dead Is No Zombie Apocalypse but Something Else

Bloomberg’s recent article noted the rapid growth of certain altcoins which were long considered dead and gone. But due to cryptocurrency’s decentralized nature, no altcoin is truly dead.

Is It Too Late to Buy Bitcoin in 2020? That’s Right, This Question Again

Is it too late to buy Bitcoin? This is perhaps the most frequently asked question every veteran member of the crypto community hears from people outside the industry. No matter if the price is on the rise or falling rapidly, people are still worried. Is it too late?

Samson Mow: Bitcoin Is a Way to Prevent an Orwellian Future

There are certain polarizing topics in the cryptocurrency community: which of Bitcoin forks is the true Bitcoin, what consensus algorithms are really viable, what coins will dominate the markets of the future. 

Bitcoin Core Dev: Full Node Sybil Attack Problem Exists and Has No Perfect Solution

In our recent feature, we discussed the problem of full nodes in the Bitcoin network, and more likely, why running them may be expensive to a user but grants him or her no monetary reward.

Crypto-Exchange Founder: More Institutional Players Will Come to the Industry But Not Overnight

Some people in the crypto-community expect mass adoption to come with big players from traditional markets. Some see it coming along the growing set of real use cases for crypto, certain regulatory initiatives, or particularly ambitious projects.

How Miners Brace Themselves For Halving, and How It Can Impact Bitcoin

Halving is probably the most anticipated event of 2020 in the crypto-industry. It is a scheduled decrease in block reward from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC. Since the transaction fees comprise a small fraction of miners’ income, they will basically have half of the money cut out.

Lightning Network and Mass Adoption: What’s Missing?

Mass adoption is the mantra of every Bitcoin trader and the holy grail of most Bitcoin evangelists. And Lightning Network (LN) was one huge milestone on the roadmap of mass adoption.

Joerg Platzer: If People Would Not Buy Drugs With Bitcoin, There Would Be No Way Bitcoin Could Be Money

The notion that Bitcoin is instrumental for criminals is one of the traditional arguments against it and other cryptocurrencies. But however popular is the argument, Bitcoin’s potential for criminal use should be seen in context.

Why Bitcoin Full Nodes Remain Unpaid

Full nodes are the backbone of the Bitcoin ecosystem. They verify transactions, but also maintain decentralization and users’ confidentiality. Yet, there is no direct monetary incentive for running a full node, which has its costs and risks. In this feature, we take a look at the existing non-monetary incentives to set up and run a […]

Why Crypto Is Not Universally Adopted and How to Change It

Let’s face it: crypto adoption has been going down for quite some time. There are fewer and fewer merchants accepting Bitcoin, let alone other cryptocurrencies. This is a bit surprising, given that many issues hampering adoption in the early days have been sorted out: user interfaces got a lot safer and friendlier, major cryptocurrencies are […]