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Exclusive: It’s Unfortunate Bitcoin Foundation was Drawn into the Blocksize Debate Controversy – Llew Claasen

The Bitcoin Foundation is a group of industry insiders with the stated goals of funding Bitcoin infrastructure and promoting it to the public. This helped the Foundation to make over $350,000 from membership dues last year alone as multiple Bitcoin-related startups and paying members believe they’re helping to improve Bitcoin through the Foundation.

Bitcoin Foundation Suspends the Board Elections and Intends to Hold a Referendum Instead

The Bitcoin Foundation has announced its decision to suspend the elections for its board, and to hold something called a ‘special referendum’ instead. The Foundation’s executive director Bruce Fenton stated: “The logistics and time involved in a general public election are not practical right now given our focus, priorities, and resources.” Considering the recent news […]

The Bitcoin Foundation: Down and Out

Recently it became apparent that the Bitcoin Foundation would run out of money by March if it failed to find money for its further operations. Less than a month later two members of the Foundation board left it with a fuss. It may seem that the organization is in big trouble.