BIP001, Part 2. Charles Hoskinson and Vlad Zamfir on The DAO, Ethereum Hard Fork and Governance

Last week the third Blockchain Incredible Party (#BIP001) conference has been thrown in Odessa. Forklog continues to cover the event, now the story will go on The DAO, Ethereum, and governance issues of open-source projects.

Blockchain Incredible Party, Part 1. Govtech and Financial Infrastructure

July 7, the Ukrainian city of Odessa hosted the third Blockchain Incredible Party (#BIP001), Black Sea Edition. Forklog has visited the event and shares the most interesting findings.

The Last Ticket to BIP001 to Be Sold via Decentralized Blockchain Auction

The last ticket to blockchain conference BIP001 to be held in the city of Odessa July 7 will be sold via blockchain platform eAuction. The platform has been developed for privatization of public property and other auctions. The auction will be powered by five trade platforms, including ForkLog, Distributed Lab, KUNA Bitcoin Agency, and IDF […]

International Blockchain Conference BIP 001 Opens in Lviv

JANUARY 11 – Ukrainian city of Lviv hosts international conference titled Blockchain Incredible Party (BIP 001). Addressing during the three-days conference will be experts and entrepreneurs from Belarus, Georgia, Germany, Israel, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, UK, Ukraine, Russia, Slovenia, USA, Finland and Switzerland. BIP 001 is organized by Distributed Lab, a company engaged in blockchain-based […]

BitFury’s Miner Lightbulb Shines at BIP001

Prototype of bitcoin-mining lightbulb BitLamp by BitFury was presented at Blockchain Incredible Party in Odessa (Ukraine).

BIP001 in Odessa – live stream

Read in Russian 18:50 This is the end. Full review later. 17:45 Next speaker is Matej Boda from DECENT about his Web 3.0 Fully Decentralised Independent Publishing Platform. Decent is independent decentralized web 3.0 platform for creative people, authors and many more. Decent is independent: nobody decides which content to publich. 17:20 Alexander Vasylchenko: There […]

Odessa To Host International Bitcoin Conference Blockchain Incredible Party

This summer, Odessa, one of Europe’s major tourist attractions, will leave its mark on the world’s bitcoin map.