OpenLedger CEO Ronny Boesing on BitShares Future and Platform’s Links in Belarus

Ronny Boesing, founder and chief executive of OpenLedger, a Denmark-based decentralized conglomerate offering a cryptocurrency trading platform and a number of other blockchain-based services, nurses big ambitions regarding the future of the company saying that one day it will be a household name along the lines of Amazon, Alibaba, Google and Apple.

The National Bank of Belarus to Use Blockchain for Security Bonds Ledger

Speaking at the international conference Digital Banking, the first deputy of the Belarusian National Bank’s board Taras Nadolny stated that the bank will use blockchain technology to create a security bonds ledger.

Belarusian Developer Creates a Socket Selling Power for Ethereum

A bitcoin enthusiast and blockchain developer from Belarus has assembled a ‘smart socket’ capable of selling power and WiFi connection for Ethereum tokens. The smart socket’s creator, Valery Litvin, is also one of Cyber.fund developers. He told ForkLog the socket will be officially presented on May 21 at Blockchain Conference Kyiv.

CryptoRuthenia Proclaimed at First Ever Bitcoin Meetup in Belarus

21 April 2016 became an important day for Belarus. At the instigation of Valery Litvin, one of Cyber.Fund’s developers and bitcoin enthusiast, the country’s first-ever Bitcoin & Blockchain Meetup Minsk was held. The event saw in excess of 100 attendees with only 60 reserved seats, which had confirmed the issue was of importance for residents […]

Belarus to Host the Country’s First-Ever Meetup on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

The first meetup on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in Belarus’s history will be held in the country’s capital of Minsk on April 21, 2016. The participants will meet to discuss the most burning issues of the industry along with the most interesting projects. The event will also provide them with an opportunity to get to […]

Bitcoin in Belarus: Shaping the Community and Seeking for Experts

There are few things known about Bitcoin in Belarus. Local officials can hardly be blamed for jumping into conclusions, and their statements, if any, are quite general. One of the rare instances is an official note from Belarusian Ministry of the Interior issued in 2014, where the department warns the citizens to avoid operations with […]