#Auction 3.0

The Man Behind Ukraine’s Top Blockchain Project Shares His Vision of the Country’s Future

Ukraine’s blockchain community is active these days: the country hosts several major conferences on the subject; several high-flying blockchain projects kick off; a full-fledged university course on dApp development is now underway. Adding to that, local authorities are mostly positive about cryptotechnologies.

Ukraine’s Geocadastre Service to Test Blockchain-Based E-Auction System

A blockchain-based e-auction system for land plots which allows for running electronic bidding alongside the traditional auctions was presented in the Ukraine’s city of Odessa.

Bila Tserkva City Hall to Implement Blockchain Platform Auction 3.0

According to the resolution “On introduction of amendments to the activity plan of Bila Tserkva City Hall as to preparation of regulation act bills for the year 2016”, Gennadi Dikiy, the mayor of Ukrainian town Bila Tserkva, has filed a bill on using blockchain-based platform Auction 3.0 as one of instruments to be reviewed by […]

One More Ukrainian City Starts Using Blockchain Platform Auction 3.0

August 5, Ukrainian city Bila Tserkva (meaning White Church) held an auction on leasing local public property, which featured usage of blockchain-based online platform Auction 3.0.