Abra’s Crypto App Introduces Bitcoin Investment Option for Stocks and ETFs

U.S.-based digital wallet Abra has introduced new features enabling global investors in 155 countries to invest in shares and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) using Bitcoin (BTC).

Winklevoss Brothers Launch Crypto Trading App Targeting Retail Investors

Gemini Trust Company, the digital asset exchange and custodian founded by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, announced that it had launched a new mobile app along with a new investment vehicle.

Crypto Wallet Abra Adds Support for European Bank Accounts

Cryptocurrency wallet and exchange Abra today announced its support for Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) bank accounts. With this announcement, users from European countries can now initiate direct transfers from their bank accounts and invest in any of the 28 cryptocurrencies supported on Abra.

Emercoin Deploys First Blockchain-Based VoIP Application

Emercoin announced that ENUMER, its free blockchain-based VoIP (voice over IP) system, now is a consistent stand-alone service that is being adopted by other companies.

Blockchain Application Platform Lisk Launched

Blockchain application and sidechain platform Lisk has been officially launched. Version 0.3.0 is publicly available for downloading. The launch anticipated by many, however, experienced some technical difficulties.

Emercoin Releases a Blockchain Solution for Network Administration

Emercoin has announced a blockchain-based out-of-box solution dubbed EmcSSH, which is an extension for standard administration protocol for SSH networks.

21 Inc. Launches a Bitcoin Transaction Fee Prediction App

21 Inc., mostly known for manufacturing bitcoin-customized computers, has presented a new product, a free-of-charge application allowing users to define the level of transaction fee required for the transaction to be confirmed during a given interval of time. The app is available at bitcoinfees.21.co. It offers real-time assistance, and shows actual fee amounts for bitcoin […]