Ambisafe Urges Ethereum to Revise Hardfork Conditions

The Ambisafe team asked EthCore developers to revise their gas limitations issued in the course of preparation for yet another hardfork. They developers insist such limits would break the the company’s service.

Ambisafe Announces a Blockchain Platform for ICO

Over the course of Blockchain Conferency Kyiv, Ambisafe CEO Andrey Zamovski told ForkLog about the team’s new project.

Ambisafe CEO: Mining Industry May Sink Into Oblivion After the PoS Switch

Andrey Zamovsky, Ambisafe CEO and InChain team member, will be moderating the development section of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev 2016, a major event to be held September 23.

Ethereum Smart Contracts and Insurance: Problems and Solutions

In his recent blog post on Medium Andrei Zamovsky, CEO and developer of Ambisafe, a company that has recently joined blockchain insurance platform Inchain, explains the operation of oracles in Ethereum, as well as their employment in insurance of events beyond blockchain.

Ambisafe Offers a New Standard for Cryptowallet API’s

Ukrainian blockchain startup Ambisafe offered a new standard for cryptowallet API’s, which is said to accelerate integration of new currencies by exchange operators, as well as exclude the necessity for own wallet service development.