Whales Transfer Over 700K ETH in ‘Pre-Pump Positioning’

Ethereum’s (ETH) top 100 holders have moved more than 700,000 ETH ($191.1 million, at press time) to exchanges, over the past three days. Analysts at crypto analytics platform Santiment believe that this might suggest that the leading altcoin is on the verge of another pump.

Resurrection of Altcoins Presumed Dead Is No Zombie Apocalypse but Something Else

Bloomberg’s recent article noted the rapid growth of certain altcoins which were long considered dead and gone. But due to cryptocurrency’s decentralized nature, no altcoin is truly dead.

How To Spot a Shitcoin?

There is no shortage of coins and tokens in the crypto-industry. How many of them are any good is the question. 

Bitcoin Surges Above $7,000 to a Three-Week High

Cryptocurrencies continued to push into bullish territory on Tuesday, August 28, as Bitcoin rose to a three-week high.

Zcash Version 2.0.0 Released Paving the Way for ‘Sapling’ Upgrade

Privacy focused cryptocurrency Zcash is preparing for a major upgrade with the first release of network software compatible with its upcoming Sapling hard fork.

ShapeShift Acquires Cryptocurrency Trading Start-Up Bitfract

Cryptocurrency and digiital asset exchange ShapeShift announced on Wednesday, August 8, the acquisition of the Austin-based software company Bitfract after it made “the only tool in the world” that allows trading bitcoin into dozens of digital assets in a single transaction company’s API.

Brokerage Company EXANTE Launches First Altcoin Index-based Investment Fund

Malta-based brokerage company EXANTE has launched a fund based on altcoin index.

Not Just Bitcoin: Top 6 Altcoins Supporting Segregated Witness

SegWit might be one of the burning issues concerning Bitcoin’s scaling up, however, it has gone beyond the first cryptocurrency.

Dash’s Dash: Pseudoanonymity, Masternode Criticism, and Other Problems

Over the last month, the altcoins market has surged with Dash in the lead: in March, the altcoin has grown four times as high having eventually become the third most capitalized cryptocurrency. Then a correction followed, which is still on.

LiveCoin CEO: Pump & Dump Is What Defines Sustainability of New Coins

LiveCoin.net is more than two years old: it has officially opened on March 1st, 2015. The exchange features simple sign-up procedure, lack of verification-related complexities at early phases of work, and a referral program.

Altcoin Exchanges: Rollercoaster for Adults

Altcoins have become the most interesting market for cryptotraders over the last few years. This sky-high-risk market is commonly compared to penny stock, a traditional market for worthless stocks.

What Will The Future Hold for Bitcoin in 2017?

2016 has brought more drama in the world of cryptocurrencies: the rise and the fall of The DAO, Ethereum’s controversial hard fork and subsequent emergence of Ethereum Classic, and the attack on Bitfinex, among others. Certainly, all of us would like to know what’s on the table now.