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DAO Creation Learning Center To Be Launched in Russia

The development team of Airalab is launching a Learning Center in Russia. The main aims of this Center will be the researching of different types of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and finding the most viable of them.

Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency: A Brief Guide to the Future Part II

Using blockchain technology apart from its original application, cryptocurrency, isn’t news any longer. Numerous projects around the globe come up with new ideas as to how distributed ledger technology may be applicable beyond just transacting values. Even though most experts agree that the novelty is at premature phase as yet, those projects that have already […]

Opinion: There is No Block Size Problem

This is the guest post by Eugene Radchenko from AIRA DAO on blocksize debate and related issues. The views expressed are his own and do not necessarily represent the views of Forklog. In recent months, the issue of Bitcoin’s block size increase has become a burning point separating the community. Some stand for it, others […]

Russian Developers Create a Platform for Management of Decentralized Autonomous Companies

Bitfork Develop developers have presented their new Ethereum-based project dubbed AIRA DAO. AIRA manages a decentralized autonomous company by adding agents, creating contracts and values, and, generally, automatizing business processes of a company.