Institutional Players Ramping up Investments in Bitcoin: What’s in It for Crypto-Industry

Many crypto-enthusiasts anticipate the advent of large investors to make Bitcoin price grow rapidly and pull the whole market along with it. Galaxy Digital’s Mike Novogratz believes that Bitcoin will soon pass the $20,000 mark, chiefly driven by the regulated exchanges aimed at professional market participants.

Inbar Preiss About Women in Blockchain Industry

Ever since the inception of Bitcoin, women have been underrepresented in blockchain and crypto. Our guest for this interview has for a long time been a voice for women in blockchain.

DeFi Passed $1B Total Value Locked: Grain of Salt

According to DeFi Pulse, last week, the total dollar worth of funds locked in Ethereum-powered DeFi projects passed the $1 billion mark. Currently, the Total Value Locked metric is $1.04 billion.

Crypto-Exchange Founder: More Institutional Players Will Come to the Industry But Not Overnight

Some people in the crypto-community expect mass adoption to come with big players from traditional markets. Some see it coming along the growing set of real use cases for crypto, certain regulatory initiatives, or particularly ambitious projects.

Lightning Network and Mass Adoption: What’s Missing?

Mass adoption is the mantra of every Bitcoin trader and the holy grail of most Bitcoin evangelists. And Lightning Network (LN) was one huge milestone on the roadmap of mass adoption.

Joerg Platzer: If People Would Not Buy Drugs With Bitcoin, There Would Be No Way Bitcoin Could Be Money

The notion that Bitcoin is instrumental for criminals is one of the traditional arguments against it and other cryptocurrencies. But however popular is the argument, Bitcoin’s potential for criminal use should be seen in context.

Why Crypto Is Not Universally Adopted and How to Change It

Let’s face it: crypto adoption has been going down for quite some time. There are fewer and fewer merchants accepting Bitcoin, let alone other cryptocurrencies. This is a bit surprising, given that many issues hampering adoption in the early days have been sorted out: user interfaces got a lot safer and friendlier, major cryptocurrencies are […]

What Is Bitcoin: Internet’s Native Money, Hedging Instrument, or Asset for Speculation?

At the end of the last year, the G7 released a report, reading that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies “have so far failed to provide a reliable and attractive means of payment or store of value.”

IBM’s Winston Yong: There’s a Lot More Good to Come out of Blockchain Than Just Cryptocurrency

It is important that major mainstream companies adopt blockchain technologies. It forms a use case for others to follow and learn from.

You Can Now Buy Fruits and Vegetables with Bitcoin in Kyiv

Famous Bessarabian market in the heart of Ukraine’s capital, the city of Kyiv, is now offering an option of purchasing fruits and vegetables with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies using decentralized payment protocol Paytomat.

Brian Armstrong Coinbase Bitcoin True Mass Adoption Will Take Time Says Coinbase CEO

Even though usage of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is steadily increasing each year, Brian Armstrong, the CEO of San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, believes that it will take some time before they will reach true mass adoption for payments, at least in the United States.

Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency: A Brief Guide to the Future Part I

Using blockchain technology apart from its original application, cryptocurrency, isn’t news any longer. Numerous projects around the globe come up with new ideas as to how distributed ledger technology may be applicable beyond just transacting values.