Synereo Reveals Details About The Decentralized “RChain” Platform

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Synereo, an Israel-based decentralized computing project, unveiled more details  about the upcoming release of its full technology stack.

According to Synereo, the platform will consist of four layers: the blockchain layer it calls RChain, a system for distributed content storage and delivery across the network called Special K, a native programming language called Rholang, and a layer of decentralized apps on top of all.

The core of whole thing  is the Blockchain 2.0, an “improved: version of the blockchain. Developers achieved scalability by applying some hard-core math so there is no need to process every node of the blockchain anymore. The blockchain is actually distributed among the smaller parts called shards, which are easier to work with. These shards can be joined together into bigger shards and so on.

Since RChain itself is unsuitable for storing large volumes of text and media files, the company has also developed a DHT (distributed hash table) database-like system, the workings of which is described as such:

“Special K also provides a monadic domain-specific language, providing programmers with a familiar, unified API where they can access data distributed across the network. Data is distributed with both redundancy and sensitivity in mind, making sure it’s available where it’s needed, when it’s needed and concealed when it’s not.”

The system’s native smart contract language is called Rholang — or Reflective, Higher-Order process language. Its reflective nature, Synereo says, puts it more into the category of languages like C#, Java and Scala rather than other new smart contract languages like Ethereum’s Solidity.

The company believes this will offer a new approach to online privacy:

“The constant nagging question, «Who can see my posts?» is answered. Synereo social contracts provide a rich language for the statement and enforcement of content flow among the collectives you engage with or serve. Think about a journalist who wants to publish breaking news about politically-sensitive issues and wants to have a more nuanced approach to who can see which version of his articles.” Synereo website says.

On the social layer, Synereo is proposing to optimize content delivery by taking into consideration what you are interested in. The system will pay attention to your preferences as well as publisher’s reputation in the network.

The platform will include built-in communication capabilities and internal digital currency transactions engine, providing secure ways to exchange information and money.

Since Synereo is developing such an extensive piece of software, they are looking forward to collaborating with various developers and projects. More specific details can be expected soon.


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