Survey: 80% of Russians Heard Nothing of Bitcoin Whatsoever

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According to the survey held by Center for Contemporary Research ProResearch in association with National Agency for Financial Researching (NAFR) in April 2015, most Russians never heard a thing about Bitcoin.

The survey by ProResearch and NAFR covered 1600 people in 132 communities in 46 Russian regions.

As the report says, only one fifth of those surveyed is aware of what Bitcoin is. 4% claimed they knew it very well, while 16% told they had heard something about it. Regional statistics show that Bitcoin is most known in Moscow: 7% of locals know of Bitcoin pretty well and 19% heard something about it.

As for gender issues, female respondents are informed a little less than those male: 82% vs. 72% respectively. As one could expect, the elders know less about cryptocurrency, than the young ones.

41% of Russians believe Bitcoin should be banned as it can be used for purchasing prohibited goods. 24% believe Bitcoin is useful, and 36% had nothing to answer.

It should be noted that only 33% of Russians from 18 to 24 years of age claimed positive to Bitcoin banning, which, to ForkLog’s reckoning, is still too high. Anyway, amongst Russians over 60 years of age, this parameter reached 48%.

Vlad Pocheptsov, ProResearch executive director, noted: “The survey results show that the more a customer is aware of non-cash payment methods, the higher their awareness of the cryptocurrency, therefore, as yet the target audience of the latter is limited by tech-savvy individuals trusting remote payment means. The basic problem behind that is Bitcoin’s legal ambiguity. Fate of both Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general depends on their legal stance on national and international settlement markets”.

Back in April ForkLog held their own survey on Bitcoin in Russia and CIS countries amongst active Internet users. According to the survey, 93% of the respondents are negative about governmental attempts to ban cryptocurrency. Further details of the ForkLog survey can be found here.

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