Speaker at Bitcoin Conference Moscow Claims He Intends to Bring Vitalik Buterin to Russia

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In the course of Bitcoin Conference Moscow, currently occurring in Russia’s capital, one of speakers stated he intends to bring Ethereum’s founder Vitalik Buterin to Moscow.

The news comes from ForkLog’s reporter at the conference. According to the reports, the intent was pronounced by Alex Fork, head of Blockchain Community Moscow and founder of accelerator Future Fintech. Fork said Buterin will attend Russia sometime between May 15 and June 10.

ForkLog’s editorial board has heard earlier rumors concerning an unnamed Russian financial institution’s intent to invite Buterin to Russia to read a series of lectures on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the country’s biggest cities. However, the initiator of the rumors opted to stay anonymous, while ForkLog could not find any reliable evidence that such journey was actually planned.

Notably, Buterin himself, just like other members of Ethereum Foundation, is apparently unaware of Russian enthusiasts’ plans.

Alex Fork is a Russian bitcoin enthusiast positioning himself as author of Russia’s first book on bitcoin. Additionally, he is running Future Fintech, a blockchain accelerator launched in late 2015 under the auspices of Deep Knowledge Ventures, interactive bank iBank, and Blocklchain Community Russia. However, yet no full-fledged projects have been released during the first six months of the organization activity.

Earlier, attendance of Bitcoin Conference Moscow by Blockchain.info’s Nicolas Carey was at risk due to Russian visa problems. The entrepreneur managed to get the permission only at the second attempt with assistance from lawyers and the event’s organizers. Buterin’s visit to Russia, if any, could face similar red tape obstacles.

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