Smile-Expo Organizers Shed Light on Preparation for Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague


The day when Czech Republic’s capital of Prague will host yet another cryptotechnology conference Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague is drawing nearer. The conference is expected to throw sunshine on the industry’s most recent achievements. ForkLog contacted the conference’s organizers, Smile-Expo, to find out more about preparations for the event.

“There will be many different topics and speakers, eg. Ronny Boesing, CEO Coinsbank, will speak about A decentralized future – the technology of the next century, topic of Andrey Zamovskiy (Founder at Ambisafe) presentation is Smart contracts – a disintermediation revolution in financial industry, etc.,” Smile-Expo explained.

FL: We’re pretty sure you’re much excited about the future event in Prague. At what stage is the preparation for the conference so far?

Smile-Expo: Thank you for so kind words. We are working hard, and preparation is on the final stage.

FL: How this year will be different than the previous one? What makes it stand out?

SE: The main difference of this year conference is that main topic of the event is Blockchain, not Bitcoin.

FL: According to your website, the event consists of three parts: the conference itself, exhibition, and a start-up alley. Could you please tell us more about how it will be going and who will attend?

SE: Yes, right. At the conference, experienced and famous speakers will make presentations and discuss the most important questions with attendees. Another part of the event is exhibition and start-up alley. In this zone developers and entrepreneurs (both young and experienced) will present their products and developments. Every attendee will have opportunity to test and ask any question.

Detailed information is available on the organizers’ website.

Blockchain technology, which will enter the spotlight in Czech Republic’s capital on May 19, underlies Bitcoin and most of other cryptocurrencies. Its basic advantage is transparent and decentralized collation with a common database. Its distributed nature enables serious revision of data protection logic, including that against attack and corruption, which centralized system are much more prone to.

Statements by scientists, entrepreneurs and officials suggest we’re living in an era of blockcgauin gut. That’s why it would be pretty interesting to know what the industry’s spokespersons have to say.

by Eugene Muratov

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