Corrupted Secret Service Agent for Silk Road Case Attempted to Flee from the U.S.

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Shaun Bridges, a former Secret Service agent previously sentenced to six years in jail for stealing bitcoins from a Silk Road dealer, has allegedly attempted to flee from the United States to avoid serving the term.

Bridges used to be an investigator in the case of Ross Ulbricht, the founder of Silk Road currently serving his life sentence. In December, as he confessed he had stolen 20,000 BTC, Bridges was sentenced to 71 months, or almost six years, in prison.

According to a report in the Baltimore Sun, Bridges had to come to the jail last Friday, January 29. However, he had been rearrested at his house in Maryland the morning before.

According to the documents filed to the court, the police officers who had detained Bridges, seized a bag with a passport and documents for three offshore companies in Belize, Mauricius, and Saint Kitts and Nevis.

In addition, in the course of the search the law enforcement discovered documents evidencing that Bridges’s spouse attempted to gain citizenship of another country; a MacBook with erased serial number; and several bulletproof vests allegedly stolen during Bridges’s tenure at the Secret Service.

In the course of the Silk Road investigation, Bridges arranged an unlawful scheme to arrest the site’s support service employee using his rank. Having obtained the required passwords, Brigdes transacted 20,000 BTC from Silk Road accounts to his own bitcoin wallet, and then exchanged them for U.S. dollars at Mt.Gox.

In addition, he founded a fake company to send the money to his bank account. At the time, bitcoin’s exchange rate was high, and the amount of stolen bitcoins comprised around $820,000.

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