Satoshi Nakamoto’s True Identity May Have Been Revealed

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According to‘s investigation, the real-life identity of bitcoin’s inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto, might have been finally disclosed. If the reports are correct, the man behind Nakamoto is a 45 years old Australian scientist and â€?serial entrepreneur’ Craig Steven Wright.’s evidence is based on several blog entries Wright has made back in 2008 stating he is going to launch a certain “cryptocurrency paper”, as well as on some of his later endeavours like founding crypto-companies with charter capital from unknown sources, and minutes of Wright’s meeting with Australian tax authorities where he states he has been “running bitcoin since 2009”.

Craig Steven Wright is an entrepreneur having a significant financial backing. In 2013 he launched a startup dubbed Hotwire funded by his own $23 million worth of bitcoin. Back at the time, the amount comprised 1.5% of all existing bitcoins, which Wired describes as “a strangely large stash for an unknown player in the bitcoin world”.

There is another investigation by Gizmodo associating both Wright and his now-deceased friend Dave Kleiman with the elusive figure of Satoshi Nakamoto. Kleiman was a computer forensics expert from the U.S. Gizmodo’s evidence is based on several purportedly hacked e-mails from people stating they have cooperated with Nakamoto.

One of those letters sent from allegedly Satoshi’s email refers to “our Japanese friend” and is signed by “Craig” with Wright’s phone number included. Some other letters state that the community “no longer listen[s]”, and that Satoshi is “better as a myth”.

Both publications associate Wright and Kleiman with something dubbed Tulip Trust, which in fact is an enormous and biggest-ever virtual pile of 1.1 million bitcoins remaining untouched since the dawn of bitcoin. The name of the entity might be an ironic reference to ‘tulip mania’, a term previously used to describe the massive rush around cryptocurrency.

Still, the evidence provided seems to be rather indirect, and Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity is still far from being confirmed. And who knows, maybe those assuming the bitcoin’s creator should remain a myth are right to suggest this.

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