Samourai Wallet’s New Update Brings Brand New Look, Full Node Hardware Announced

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Privacy-oriented Bitcoin mobile wallet Samourai has announced release of a general update, bringing a fresh look and new user interface.

The developers also introduce several upcoming features and products, while making available expanded information on all current features.

In comments to the Twitter post published on Friday, the team behind Samourai Wallet also says they have teamed up with Bitseed to produce the special edition hardware which will allow users to connect directly to their full node over Tor hidden service and bypass their infrastructure entirely.

The new product is dubbed Dojo and will include custom Samourai software that sits on top of the included Bitcoin Core full node.

Replying to a question whether Samourai Wallet will support Lightning Network in the future and if this feature will require a second device, the developers said:

“Will not need a second box. In the future if we decide to implement LN it would just be a patch to install for owners of Dojo.”

No details on when Dojo will be available have been yet specified.

Samourai was one of the first wallets to support Segregated Witness, and its other notable features include full offline mode, described as “an attractive option for those interested in creating ultra secure cold storage systems, as well as those under hostile or cost prohibitive network conditions”; smart miner fees aimed at helping user make sure their transactions confirm quickly without overpaying, and Stonewall, which helps guard against address clustering deanonymization attacks.

So far available for Android only, Samourai also supports OpenDime, an offline USB hardware wallet, making it possible to read from OpenDime without needing access to the private keys. It can also sweep balances from an OpenDime with an exposed private key.

In an earlier upgrade in September, Samourai Wallet removed all fiat currency conversions, leaving only BTC as the network’s native token.

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