Russia’s First Blockchain Accelerator Opens in Moscow

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This Wednesday was marked by the news on launch of Russia’s first blockchain accelerator, which also combines a fintech accelerator and a co-working space. The accelerator is a part of fintech accelerator FutureFintech. The accelerator’s founders haven’t pinned down the blockchain part’s name as yet, so everyone is welcome to offer their own version. The platform is dedicated to search, support, and development of fintech start-ups, as well as blockchain researching projects. The accelerator’s address is as follows: Moscow, 8 Presnenskaya embankment, City of Capitals business center.

The platform’s site reads:

“We offer global-scale opportunities for projects in fintech by selecting relevant partners, metors, investors, and strategies for both local and international markets.”

Co-founding the accelerator were Deep Knowledge Ventures, iBank, and Blockchain Community Russia.

If you represent a start-up, you may apply for participation here. Presently the company pays most of its attention to projects involved in p2p crediting, mobile banking, blockchain, proactive marketing, big data and predictive analysis, money remittances, robotic advisors and PFM, AI, and Machine learning.

Now Russian bitcoin community and entrepreneurs involved in cryptocurrency activities may obtain professional and comprehensive support for their projects’ launching. Notably, the platform provides its teams not only with work infrastructure, but also with residence at the accelerator’s premises.

Despite some recent ambiguity, development and promotion of cryptotechnologies have not ceased developing in Russia. Thus, earlier this year major local payment processor QIWI announced its development of so-called ‘bitruble’ cryptocurrency which may be released as early as in 2016 provided Russia establishes relevant regulation framework by that time. Though bitcoin’s fate in Russia is still open to question, techologies underlying it have apparently been given a green light, and in years to come Russian blockchain-related start-ups may become quite attractive to investment.

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