Russian Watches Manufacturer and National Post Service to Use Blockchain Technology

This week, Russian Post has announced it intends to use blockchain technology for shipment tracking.

Speaking at the conference organized by the Foundation for Internet Initiatives Development, deputy CEO of Russian Post Rodion Shishkov said the company was actively seeking to use new technologies to meet contemporary market demands. Even though the quality of the company’s services has somewhat grown in recent years, the clients still have little trust in the postal service provider. Using blockchain in shipment tracking would become the first step in the company’s campaign to win back customer trust and integrate distributed technologies in its operations. According to Shishkov, this might make Russian Post’s activities more transparent, and delivery terms more predictable.

Also interested in implementing distributed ledgers is Raketa, Russian watch manufacturer. It intends to record certificates of authenticity onto Emercoin‘s blockchain in order to minimize counterfeiting risks.

Apart from data on manufacturing date and other product info, Raketa concedes adding information on the owner of the watch to the same ledger. However, it would happen only if the owner doesn’t mind. For that purpose, Raketa intends to use Emercoin’s blockchain-based system Blockchain Engine.

Blockchain Engine’s team commented to ForkLog:

“Market of watches is a pretty developed industry encompassing thousands of companies, so the technology may become industrial standard. Blockchain Engine doesn’t want to stop at watches only. In the future, we expect to cover other products, like jewellery, paintings, exclusive clothes items, cars, cell phones — generally, the goods having certificates or passports to confirm their authenticity.”

The number of blockchain-related initiatives in Russia has grown exponentially over the last nine months. While initially the initiative originated in the financial sector, as represented by QIWI and the National Settlement Depository, now it is evident that the distributed technologies became a part of almost artistic search.

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