Russian Prosecutors Question Local Burger King on Account of WhopperCoins

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Managers of Burger King Russia have been called for questioning to the Public Prosecution Office of Russia on account of WhopperCoins, a virtual currency issued by the company.

Russian publication Vedomosti report that the Burger King officials were asked about the cryptocurrency and the way it works. They were also notified that rubles is the only legal tender in Russia, and had to write a statement claiming that the company did not hold massive issuance of WhopperCoins.

Burger King Russia, on their part, insists that the company did not violate local legislation as the notion of cryptocurrencies is absent from it, and operations with virtual currencies are not prohibited.

WhopperCoin was issued on Waves Platfrom this August. Customers are entitled to receive one WhopperCoin for each burger bought at the fastfood network.

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