Russian President’s Internet Advisor Calls Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies a Virus

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German Klimenko, internet advisor for Russian president, told TV channel Tsargrad that blockchain technology, as well as cryptocurrency, is but a usual hype related to people’s desire to make profits from a trending theme.

“There’s a word, ‘hype’, which means that discussion omits some reasonable issues, or a trending theme, a brain virus. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are all a big virus. I see no further perspective here. A single currency is only possible only when national states will start uniting,” he said.

The attention drawn to blockchain technology, according to Klimenko, is a result of investors’ enthusiasm caused by their anticipation of super-profits, which is a common thing when new technologies emerge, and when it comes to vanity and avarice.

“Many officials, having listened to you, the media, say that cryptocurrency is our saviour. But there’s no salvation, it’s a mere technology, which, if applied in a single country, in a particular central bank, may work,” he added.

This March, Klimenko already spoke about bitcoin and its underlying technology. Back then, he called the information that some countries had legalized cryptocurrencies ‘a fiction and a legend’.

“I have to give dues to those who came up with Bitcoin and coined cryptocurrency term. The virus meme has made it to our heads,” Klimenko said back then.

The statements come a few weeks after the international conference on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology held in the country’s parliament, the State Duma, by another Russian president’s confidant, parliament member Andrei Lugovoy.

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