Russian Political Party to Use Blockchain to Combat Election Fraud

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Russian “Partiya Rosta” (Party of Growth) will use blockchain and neural networks to combat election fraud and falsifications.

According to Boris Titov, the party leader, a specially designated team of more than 100 people will process and analyze the incoming information from the polling stations.

“We can hardly resist the administrative pressure, but we can provide a crystal clear process of estimating the real voter turnout,” Titov said at the Growth Forum in Abrau-Durso.

The main idea of the technology use is that video streams from the surveillance cameras installed at the polling stations are passed via the neural network which will record the fact of the ballots submitted. After that, a story board for each specific instance of voting is written in blockchain.

This will help calculate the exact number of voters at each polling station.

Earlier Boris Titov, who is also the Presidential Commissioner for Entrepreneurs’ Rights in Russia, said his party was looking to begin accepting donations in the digital currency. He also insisted Russia should take advantages of the struggling economic situation in the country by becoming one of the leading nations in the blockchain space.

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