Russian Payments Giant Chronopay to Support Bitcoin and Blockchain Revolution

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ChronoPay, one of Russia’s oldest online payments providers, is including bitcoin to its payment gateway, enabling all of its clients to accept the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.

Among ChronoPay’s clients are dozens of leading organizations including Greenpeace and WWF, MTS and Tele2, cellular service providers which operate on a federal level and high-profile media outlets the Moscow Times and Kommersant.

There also thousands of various enterprises such as and Far-eastern Energy Company. All of them now have the technical capacity to receive payments in Bitcoin via their proper web-sites.

“For a long time, I have been extremely skeptical about Bitcoins and blockchain, and criticized them in public. But having thoroughly studied the subject, I apologize to everyone – I’ve changed my point of view radically. It is a real revolution in the payment industry probably and we will do everything to participate in this movement. The first and simplest step out of our planned steps in this direction is to support payments in Bitcoin,” Pavel Vrublevsky, the founder of ChronoPay said.

Vrublevski also concedes holding an ICO for the Netherlands-based company.

ChronoPay is an international processing company that has been operational since 2003. ChronoPay payment platform provides the opportunity to accept bank cards of international payment systems such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Maestro and other popular regional payment systems.

ChronoPay payment gateway supports 158 currencies, which allows customers to arrange online payments practically in any country.

Earlier this month the Central Bank of Russia said it was going to consider bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies a digital commodity.

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