Russian Internet Ombudsman Calls Bitcoin Banning Attempts ‘Downright Ludicrous’

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According to Dmitry Marinichev, Russia’s Internet ombudsman, the government’s attempts to interfere in the development of blockchain technology, and to ban bitcoins, are totally meaningless.

Speaking at the roundtable on Perspectives of Implementation and Development of Blockchain Technology in Russia, he said:

“Determining the very technology and banning bitcoin on the government level, as it’s done in Russia, is downright ludicrous. I can agree with any of my fellow citizens or a U.S. citizen to sell my apartment for ten kisses, and no one can prohibit me to use this ‘cryptocurrency’, it would be a decisively confirmed currency.”

Marinichev also noted that the government should do its best to promote innovative technologies.

“An effect on business is possible only if we integrate the very position of a distributed record in the legislation. It’s mostly similar to legalizing accountancy with double recording between two legal entities,”he added.

Earlier, Russian parliament member Andrei Lugovoy spoke in defense of cryptocurrencies. He also initiated a conference on digital currencies set to be held at the State Duma on June 2. Russia’s main bitcoin and blockchain evangelist, German Gref, the head of Sberbank, said at his lecture in Skolkovo that Russia will experience regress if bitcoin trading becomes subject to penalties.

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