Russian Internet Ombudsman Calls Antpool’s Switch to Bitcoin Unlimited a Provocative Demarche

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Russia’s internet ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev insists that the recent actions of Antpool are nothing else but a provocative demarche that only Chinese miners might find profitable.

“It was a small group’s particular move seeking to force some sort of a ‘standard’ on a large and freedom-loving community. I believe it all goes back to the recent events in China, and it will fail. The community will vote and make the right decision. Antpool has violated the network community’s basic principle by making a decision on behalf of others. That’s a direct infringement of network sovereignty principles,” Mr. Marinichev told ForkLog in an exclusive comment.

The Bitcoin block size debate heated up earlier this week as Antpool started signaling for Bitcoin Unlimited (BU). The market’s first reaction was a dramatic decline in Bitcoin’s exchange rate, which at some point last night even dropped to $1160.

In a short while, ForkLog will publish an exclusive interview shedding some light on how Russia’s internet ombudsman is related to cryptocurrencies, and where he believes Bitcoin Unlimited’s attempts to extend their influence would lead.

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