Russia is to Ban Twitter

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The court of the Chechnia, Russia, considered Charlie Hebdo’s account in Twitter the one that violates religious feelings of believers, and thus ruled to ban the social network in Russia.

The ruling follows the claim filed by the Prosecutor’s office of Chechnia, which stated that the account contains images seeking to violate religious feelings, show disrespect to prophets, as well as caricatures mocking Russian plane’s explosion in Egypt.

The court ruling is sent to Chechen Directorate of Roskomnadzor to be inducted in the Unified Register of Banned Sites.

This means, that either Russian providers will have to restrict access to Twitter completely, or the Russian authorities will call the situation ‘special and socially significant’ in order to postpone the execution of judgement, or Twitter itself will have to restrict Russan IP’s from accessing this account whatsoever.

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