Republic of Liberland Considers Using eGaaS Platform in Its Governance System

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Self-proclaimed Republic of Liberland is negotiating possible transfer of the governance system to blockchain platform eGaaS (Electronic Government as a Service).

The offered solutions would enable Liberland to have all government services fully operational via a single platform.

ForkLog contacted eGaaS and Liberland in order to clarify the matters.

“We are definitely into testing their products. We are exploring ways how to form partnership,” Vít Jedlička told ForkLog.

eGaaS is an international blockchain platform being an instrument for unification of all nations into a single economic and informational space. The platform’s p2p network considers nation states as equal nodes. In order to implement the concept, eGaaS offers a full range of services based on smart laws and smart contracts required for an electronic government to normally operate.

“We’ve had negotiations with the Liberland president Vit Jedlička. Our CEO Oleg Strelenko has demonstrated the opportunities of the app’s beta version (opening a country, setting up parameters, procedure of admittance to citizenship, transfer of currency between accounts, real estate ledgers, etc.) I’ve told him about the difference between our smart contracts / smart laws and those of Ethereum. Naturally, president Jedlička had some questions. Eventually, he stated he plans to test eGaaS as a tool for organization of Liberland’s governance,” Alexander Boldachev, eGaaS analyst, told ForkLog.

Liberland’s structure is initially planned as a set of electronic blockchain-based services. In order to provide said service, eGaaS intends to register citizens, open accounts denominated in Liberland’s national currency (Merits), and maintain transactions between accounts via its platform. The service will also transfer the formal part of Liberland constitution into smart laws to enable full elections cycle for the Assembly of Liberland online (from candidate registration to election and approval of results).

Apart from that, eGaaS would enable establishment of civil, tax and other codes using smart laws; and creation of any ledgers or business services using smart contracts.

The Free Republic of LIberland was first proclaimed in April 2015. It is located in Gornja Siga, a 7 square kilometers area between Croatia and Serbia.

Presently, there are around 350 thousand people that have applied for citizenship of LIberland. Theoretically, anybody is eligible for citizenship of Liberland, however, as Vit Jedličkastresses, ‘criminals, communists and fascists’ have a little chance of gaining one.

Vit Jedlička, a Czech politician, journalist and activist, was a member of the Czech Party of Free Citizens. He also founded the Czech volunteer organization He believes Liberland could be a perfect partner in the search for the ways to establish a peaceful and voluntary nation.

Recently eGaaS has undergone rebranding: before that, the platform was known as DayLight.

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