Malwarebytes Releases Anti-Ransomware Protection Kit


Malwarebytes, a well-known antivirus developer, has announced it releases a beta version of what it calls “the first ever anti-ransomware protection kit”.

As long as beta testing continues, the version is downloadable for free. However, as it usually happens to beta versions, there might be some bugs subject to fixing.

Ransomware is a kind of computer virus, which encrypts user files and extorts money, usually bitcoins, for provision of a decryption key. In most cases, machines get infected by ransomware via traditional methods of downloading infected files from e-mails, or via phishing. Most reported cases of infestation link it to opening files from suspicious letters.

For instance, CryptoWall, one of the most notorious ransomware kinds, encrypts both data within files and their respective names. Other “popular” ransomware examples include CryptoLocker and CTBLocker.
Extortionists may demand various amounts for providing a decryption key, however, they usually prefer bitcoin, and even care enough to compile a detailed instruction for those who had never concerned themselves with cryptocurrencies.

The solution offered by Malwarebytes promises to scan the machine for ransomware worms and trojans, and to put a lid on their activity before any actual damage is done. According to the company’s blog post, the anti-ransomware kit has nothing to do with heuristics or signatures, and thus may effectively cooperate with most antivirus software packages available.

The solution may come in handy for most regular users, who rarely care enough to set up a proper protection for their computers. However, avoiding suspicious files and e-mails, and not buying into phishing techniques is still the most trustworthy method of saving a machine from ransomware infestation.

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