#ForkGoogle: Community Initiative Against Google’s Pressure on Bitcoin

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Recent strikes against cryptocurrency-themed YouTubers and several actions on the part of Google to take down cryptocurrency-related apps from the Google Play store urged some crypto-community members to take some action.

Two weeks ago, Google’s YouTube administration blocked content creators Ivan on Tech, Chico Crypto, and CryptoWendyO. YouTube called the content “harmful or dangerous.”

In the first days of February, the company turned against the Cryptodealers YouTube channel. YouTube administration said they are going to look into the matter.

According to co-founder Ruslan Rud, crypto-related channels BrainMiners and BitBoy Crypto faced similar trouble.

Meanwhile, Google Store has been taking down cryptocurrency news apps, including that of Cointelegraph.

“Google did not contact Cointelegraph regarding the planned removal. We have reached out to the company but received no response as of press time,” Cointelegraph wrote.

It is aimed at supporting the development of distributed technologies based on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency systems.

We deem these actions anti-market behavior, digital militarism, and informational discrimination. We shall actively engage in community events, pursuing the goal of ending Google’s pressure on the industry,” the memorandum reads.

The authors noted called for the authorities of the U.S. and other countries to investigate Google’s “anti-market behavior” and to have its representatives “testify on the corporation’s hostile actions targeting industry members.”

According to the memorandum, the initiative is to draw the professional community’s attention to technologies facilitating alternative content distribution and media networks creation.

The memorandum’s authors created a petition on Change.it asking the community to support their endeavor.

#ForkGoogle is also meant to inform the public about Bitcoin and popularize cryptocurrencies.

The campaign’s organizers noted that protests are currently being organized in Kyiv, Odesa, Tel Aviv, and New York.

Back in December 2019, YouTube blocked hundreds of crypto-related videos. The incident was explained by “error” on the platform’s side.

The article was edited to reflect the recent developments and clarify minor discrepancies

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