Decentralized Supercomputer: Inevitable Milestone on the Way to the Internet of Things

Time is money, and the value of time in today’s world is only growing, especially when it comes to technological innovations. Quite often, time becomes a decisive factor. For instance, results of a scientific research delayed for some reason may cost a Nobel prize for a scientist, or even take lives in some cases.

Blockchain and Bitcoin in Estonia: How the Industry Is Shaping the Country’s Future

At the start of the 21st century, Estonia, a country with 1.3 million population, and with its labor pool having one foot out of the door, has launched a major project for general digitalization. Fifteen years later, the country’s infrastructure was ready to take the world’s first govtech blockchain-based projects out for a spin, and […]

Why Small Businesses Should Turn To Bitcoin

All around the world, there are more and more companies accepting bitcoins, including such giants as Microsoft, Dell, and Overstock. Possibly, now is the time for small businesses to turn their attention to bitcoin as well.

What Will The Future Hold for Bitcoin in 2017?

2016 has brought more drama in the world of cryptocurrencies: the rise and the fall of The DAO, Ethereum’s controversial hard fork and subsequent emergence of Ethereum Classic, and the attack on Bitfinex, among others. Certainly, all of us would like to know what’s on the table now.

KeepKey Multi-Currency Hardware Wallet Review

Inspecting Forklog’s office stockroom the other day, we’ve discovered a mysterious black box containing (almost) new hardware cryptowallet manufactured by U.S.-based company KeepKey. Is it capable of competing with the famous triumvirate of Trezor, Ledger, and Case? Well, there’s only one way to find out.

Labor as Value: Classic and Contemporary Labor Money

The history of labor cost theory is very ancient. People have long ago concluded that any product requires some time and work long ago. And, the more labor and time the product creation takes, the more valuable it is, and the higher is its cost.

Mass Network: Online Ad Market with Human Face

In four weeks’ time, Mass Network’s ICO will come to an end. At the moment of publication, investors have purchased 240 BTC worth of Mass Coin tokens.

How Big Businesses Get Patent Rights on Blockchain

Inviolability of private property and rights thereto is one of the foundations of modern developed society. And patents are one of the ways to protect this inviolability. Big companies tend to patent any invention or technology that could bring profits without giving too much consideration to the ethical side of the things.

How Bitcoin and Blockchain Change Adult Industry

Bitcoin and its underlying technology, blockchain, keep on entwining with different parts of our everyday lives and real economy. However, it is just as innovative for such a multimillion dollar global industry as porn.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain in Real Economy

Blockchain has left the realm of computer-only technologies to become some sort of a philosophic concept and a platform for business development with this vision being increasingly shared by developers, entrepreneurs, and even some politicians.

Revealed: Cheating a Bitcoin Cheater on eBay

Online scams and fraud are increasing every day and, sadly enough this activity often includes cryptocurrencies. Moreover, fraud is not about the darknet only, one can be cheated on trusted sites like eBay as well.

Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference Kiev: Report

ForkLog attended Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference held September 23 in Ukraine’s capital of Kyiv. This year, the conference has featured three sections: one for newbies, one for pros, and one for developers.