Odessa To Host International Bitcoin Conference Blockchain Incredible Party

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This summer, Odessa, one of Europe’s major tourist attractions, will leave its mark on the world’s bitcoin map.

Following a course of free lectures on cryptocurrency, Odessa will host international conference Blockchain Incredible Party (BIP001). The conference will take place on July 1st and 2nd at 1a Grecheskaya st., on the second floor of Impact Hub Odessa.

BIP001 is intended to bring developers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and security experts together. The event will cover the most topical and disputable issues of the year: predictions, prospects, concerns, and alternative application of Bitcoin technologies.

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The conference spokespersons represent foreign Bitcoin companies and Ukrainian Bitcoin community, and include Kuna Bitcoin Agency founder Mikhail Chobanian, BFU co-founder Andrei Dubetski, UkrSWIFT executive Yuri Vlasenko, and Kraken banking relations head Lilia Vershinina. The full list of speakers is available on BIP001 official website.

The conference will address the following issues:
1. Bitcoin in modern economy
2. What is Bitcoin and cryptocurrency: hopes and concerns
3. Adoption aspects: short-term anticipations
4. Blockchain technology application in different industries (Bitcoin 2.0)
5. Stance of cryptocurrencies in Ukraine and Eastern Europe
6. Review of contemporary wallets and exchanges
7. Issues of safety, scalability, and reliability of the technology

The event is held by DistributedLab in association with Kraken exchange, Tembusu Systems, Kuna Bitcoin agency, and Bitalo. All speeches are presented in English.

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